Royal College of Art graduate Mimi Zou has come up with the Iris camera, an all in one camera and lens that is controlled by your eye. Iris is a biometrics enabled camera controlled by your eye. It lets you capture stunning footage exactly as you see, however you see. The Iris camera can recognize your unique eye and load your setting automatically. To focus simply squint your eyes and to take a snap just double blink your eyes. Leave the DSLR in the car as the Iris can do movies as well.

Biometrics refer to the sets of unique characteristics and traits possessed by every human being. These could be utilised to positively identify individuals, and reflect their degrees of wellbeing over time.

This project explores the immense impact of biometrics, as it becomes instilled as capability in consumer electronic products. By creating more intuitive user experiences, powerful profile management networks and next-generation content-sharing possibilities, biometric technologies create significant advantages for their enabled products. Together they create a future where everything – except identity – can be shared.
 Mimi Zou

Can you just imagine a Self Titled Superstar DSLR Guru handing back the Iris camera citing it is another faulty unit. Well it would be wouldn’t it, right now.
Some won’t work out what is going on. Also can’t wait for that other guy to compare the Iris camera to a GH2 anamorphic combo. Hmmm wonder what the affiliate programme is with the Iris camera. And do you think Mathew Duclos will be able to de-click the Iris camera to make it all cine like? Oh well we better book those underwater timelapse workshops now.

Like most designers websites, the Mimi Zou one is just a splash page with site under construction, but do pay her a visit.

Big ups to Deezen for the video and if you want more information on the Iris cameras then swing by their office.

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