Fly a quadrocopter as steady as a octocopter or an hexacopter with the added bonus of being able to film 45 degrees upwards and not have any props in the way. Coptersale Cinequad can shoot 90 degrees down and a further 45 degrees up.

Not bad for aerial filming…

Coptersale Cinequad Quadrocopter

The CINEQUAD is a heavy-lift quadrocopter system with a 2-axis brushless gimbal. You can tilt the camera up to 45 degrees upwards without having the propellers in your picture. The specially designed frame an the 15inch props make the CINEQUAD as stable as an octo or hexacopter, even in windy conditions.

Best cameras for this machine are the SONY PJ780, CX730 or CX900.

Also works with small DSLRs like CANON Rebel type cameras.

The system can be easily disassembled to a size of 80x50x10cm.

Black Snapper RTF- the foldable Quad

Please see Coptersale for more about the Cinequad and check out the Black Snapper RTF foldable Quadcopter while you are there.

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