An update from the not breaking any NDA’s post about a 4K Sony camera the unicorn in the viewfinder. Well the Captured Unicorn is Called the Sony NEX FS700 Camera. Some have bandied about a $9,000 price tag for the Sony FS700 but they might need to lower it again. Yes it is an FS not a PMW Sony camera so not under the Cine Alta brand by the looks or the SxS recording standard.

But what about s-log? Well what about s-log buy an F3 for that but you should nah would expect the Sony FS700 to still record internally like that other FS the FS100 at 35 mbps but the output is the key here coming off that sensor. You think it is a new sensor by the way? I think it would be a new sensor to do what would come out the FS700 cameras butt. 1080p 10 bit 4:2:2 uncompressed out is a given of course but what if that camera could churn out oh I don’t know 4K? Unheard of you say!! All it needs is SMPTE to stamp a newly formed SMPTE D-Cinema 4K standard and away they go. Wow you say. Will it record 4K internally??? Oh sweet monkeys are flying out my butt now. As if. Maybe AT&T can fool you with an iPhone 4G update but FFS 4K uncompressed internally who would even suggest such a thing… Aaaaah ha ha…..

So wipe that laughter tear away and think overcranking right, by cropping the sensor. Yeah and a sweet spot 1080p would most likely pump out a 200 to 400fps dream shot… So this camera is like a baby Phantom or even a tiny Weisscam camera I hear you say. I also heard you mumble sorry Scarlet looks like you and Duke Nukem Forever took too long to happen. Soccer Mums did dance the dance of joy.

But why would Sony Plonk a FS700 4K camera priced at around $8,000 dollars with ND filters, and outputs out the wazoo on the market like that with an E Mount. Read what we had to say about it already here.
Isn’t there an April 2nd announcement by Sony? Just read the article already.
And a quiet tip for you: look on Twitter at who is absent right now. Sony FS700 has been in their hands. We know of 3. None are that workshop guy.

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