Zero tools to unfold a travel jib, and set up time is a minute or two.

The Boda Jib

Can take a RED and an ARRI camera no worries.

Fold down to a backpack size.

Boda Jib 1

Is this a dream?

Boda Jib 2

No it is the Boda Jib from Cintech Industries.

The Boda Jib didn’t just congeal out of some goop i found in the forest. I’ve spent thousands of hours designing, building, testing, failing, motivating and redesigning.

What I have come up with is a product that I believe fills a hole in the market. Every camera crane or jib I have come across has had at least 1 of 5 failings.

Setup Time

Boda Jib

I set out to remedy those obstacles with my jib. But not without failing multiple times. My first crane weighed 85 pounds and took three people 20 minutes to setup. My second crane lacked rigidity. My third model lacked capacity. The fourth… you get the idea. The hard work has paid off and I am happy to announce the Cinetech Industries Boda Jib. Jeremy Sawatzky Cinetech Industries.

Please see the Boda jib / crane Kickstarter page for the latest, or hit up Cinetech Industries.

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