The ARRI L7-C light has received a brightness increase. Advancements in LED technology have allowed the L7-C to be updated with a new light engine – Light Engine 2 – making it more than 25% brighter than previous versions.


With this added punch, the L7-C is more versatile than ever, but still consumes only 160 watts and retains all the familiar great features such as tuneability from 2,800 – 10,000K, green/magenta correction, hue and saturation control, and much more.

The complete line of L7s includes the L7-TT and L7-DT, as well as the new L7-C, making the L7 series one of the most feature-rich LED Fresnel product lines on the market. The L7 excels at accurately rendering a wide range of colors and producing a quality of light similar to that of its tungsten counterpart. All of these outstanding attributes allow lighting professionals to use the L-Series just like conventional light sources, with the added flexibility and versatility that ARRI LED products bring to the table.

The LE2 (Light Engine 2) now comes as standard with every L7-C. An upgrade for existing L7-Cs with LE1 is also available.

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