What does an ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, and a Sony F55 camera have in common? Sensors… And Allstar the gear makers who gave us the A-Mount System and the tripod / shoulder base rig for cine compact cameras have bundled together the ARRI Alexa, RED EPIC, and Sony F55 cameras for a little sensor test.

The test is intended to learn more about the characteristics of the machine, can be able to control it, to help people rather than advertising, so my next conclusion is determined depending on the measured results.
The test for the characteristics of the sensor compare interface, accessories, post process.

The Camera Sensor Test Settings:

ARRI Alexa

1920×1080 ProRes 444

Gamma: Log C

(It is a pity that this can not be recorded ARRI RAW, but still can be considered as a reference)


4K 4096×2160 3:1 RAW

color space: RED color3

Gamma: RED Filmlog

Sony F55

4K 4096×2160 RAW

color space: S-gamut

Gamma: S-log2

Allstar’s Cine Camera Sensor Test focused on three main areas:

1. Tolerance
2. Resolving power
3. Rolling vs Global shutter

Here are some screen grabs from the Sensor Test at ISO1280 Aperture T8 ½:

Allstar Sensor Test Alexa
Allstar Sensor Test EPIC
Allstar Sensor Test F55

While Allstar have taken the time to test and compare the ARRI Alexa, RED EPIC, and Sony F55 camera sensors the conclusion is totally in your court. For more of the Allstar camera sensor testing please go HERE and check out the full size .JPG’s.

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