Take it all in… Now wipe that drool from your mouth, and have another look at the $30,000 Super-8 XLi aerial camera rig from superstudio aircam.

Super-8 XLi

The new platform is built around cameras such as the Red Epic / Scarlet or Sony FS700.

The camera gimbal is built for easy change of cameras and optics for different missions, all without adjusting the gyros and weights. The Super-8 Xli can fly with all DSLR systems, and most existing cameras up to 5 kg. The entire platform is developed by Superstudio Aircam inc. and is using our proprietary stabilization system “Gravity Box” consisting of a unique combination of mechanical and digital stabilisation. Despite high-end technical solutions, ease of use and intuitivity was also key factors when we designed the Super-8 platform. Seven years of experience and know-how in working with aerial film ensures that you will get great results everytime. You should just be able to concentrate on the mission and not the technology.

Maximum approved flight weight: 18 kg, Structural: Aluminum and Carbon, Covers: Carbon fiber, Maximum radius from pilot: 800 m, Approved temperature range: -20 to + 40 deg Celsius, Maximum flight time: (4 kg camera payload) 10 minutes (Flight time is affected by flight style and outside temperature), Flight control: GPS stabilized with 3 different flight modes, Fail Safe System: Go home and auto landing, Power source: 22.2 V 20Ah Lipo, 5-axis Stabilized Camera Gimba, Maximum camera weight: 5 kg, Stabilizing System: 3 axis Electronic-gyro and 2 axis mechanical stabilization, Control: 3 axis controllable RC unit including 2 additional outputs. For example for, focus and REC, Manual control maximum angles: Tilt 110 degrees, Roll 70 degrees, Pan 360 degrees

starting from $30,000* AVAILABLE IN ALL COLORS…

-16 Degrees Celsius test run with a Super-8 Xli rig:

Please see superstudio aircam for more information about their Super-8 XLi aerial camera rig.

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