Check out the small FoxFury Rugo lights stacked together 10 high and used for a pretty cool video and photo session.

We used the RUGO™ to creatively light a portrait of an auto mechanic. RUGO’s small size allowed us to hang and place the lights in small spaces. The different lens settings gave us the ability to sculpt the light and achieve the exact results we desired.

The Rugo™ is a compact and powerful LED Light which has the ability to be mounted to the GoPro®, a DSLR, a drone, a tripod and many other devices. Having four different intensities (70–700 Lumens) with three interchangeable lens settings (Tri-Lens™), makes it a powerful tool for action sports as well as photography and filming. A Charge Indicator and Quick Swap™ Power Pack makes the Rugo™, patents pending, one of a kind.

Learn more about the RUGO: FoxFury.

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