A year ago almost to the day our fellow cameraman Yves Simard @crewstv was filming his four small children as they played laughed and sang Christmas carols and had a splash in the spa pool on the veranda of the families home. Yves was lucky enough to be given a pre-production Sony PMW-F3 camera to do some informal tests to show the rest of the world what the camera could do. Sadly earlier this week we heard Yves lost the family home to a fire with everyone getting out OK but the kids happy playground has forever changed.

So a quick update on the news of the Simard family fire which we covered here.
The house structure was too badly affected by the fire and had to be completely demolished for safety concerns.
Poor old Yves once again got a camera out but this time documented something no one ever wants to experience.

What a contrast between the videos, it breaks your heart.

Yves F3 Camera test with kids assisting, playing and singing Xmas carols:

Simard House getting demolished:

Its sad to see your whole life possessions destroyed in 45 minutes. Devastating, cathartic.. you name it.. if f’ng sucks. Life is what it is, its gone, we move on. Its not a tragedy its an opportunity. Yves

Simard House completely gone:

Everyone has been super supportive and we have raised over $4,000 to help the Simard family out in their time of need so far. If you haven’t please donate now and help Yves, his Wife Michelle, and their four beautiful kids to get their lives back on track.

Please follow Yves on Twitter @crewstv and on Facebook for first hand updates about the Simard family recovery.

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