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Thales Angenieux to Drop Mid-Budget Lens Series

Angénieux will disclose at NAB 2014 a new line of mid-budget zoom lenses. The new lenses, descended from the Optimo line, take into consideration the industry’s most stringent requirements for ergonomics and versatility for live TV recording.

The proliferation of 4K digital screens and the advent of Ultra definition television are escalating the demands for high quality motion picture content. A vast spectrum of new generation digital 35mm cameras have become available, and are being deployed in numerous production environment encompassing movies, dramas, commercials, concerts and live sports events.

In response to high user demand, Angénieux is going to exceptional lengths to ensure the first deliveries of this new lens line will be made in Summer 2014.

Moving forward, the legacy Optimo DP 30-80 and Optimo DP 16-42, respectively introduced in 2008 and 2009, will be devoted exclusively to the Angenieux special 3D package.

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