Telescopic Crane Hire: Hydrascope Telescopic Crane and the Raptor Tracking Vehicle from Chapman UK from Chapman Leonard on Vimeo.

The Hydrascope is the only telescopic camera crane that is completely waterproof and requires no rain cover for wet weather work. The watertight design allows for submerged underwater filming and the Hydrascope will accept any underwater camera on Chapman's amphibian three axis remote head. Capable of large payloads up to 230 pounds the Hydrascope is the perfect camera platform for 3D film making. Compatible with any of today's 3D camera systems as well as all existing film and digital video cameras.

"No more drilling and screwing, just reposition the camera and get the next shot"
The Hydrascope range from Chapman UK are state of the art telescopic camera cranes, designed to meet the needs of filmmakers creative ambitions, in today's modern film and television industry. Probably the most flexible camera crane of its kind in the world, allowing a huge range of camera movement and camera positioning.
Hydrascopes can be mounted on Dollies, Vehicles, onto Track and are supplied (as standard) on our CS Wheeled Bases. Flexibility and durability come as standard throughout the range. Watch the Video to see all the features and benefits.
With the Hydrascope there's 'no drilling or screwing' if you want to change camera height or position, just get on with the task of getting your shots quickly and efficiently. All our Hydrascope cranes are supplied with a qualified Hydrascope technician as standard.
Designed with practicality and ease of use in mind, the Hydrascope telescopic camera cranes will save you time and ensure you can create almost any shot you can think of.
Thanks to a precision engineered 3 axis, telescopic arm, height adjustable centre post and (unique to the Hydrascope) four point leveling arms at the base, the Hydrascope is smooth and accurate allowing operators to hit their marks every time.
NOTE: Automatic leveling is available when using any Hydrascope on our Raptor or other tracking vehicles. This works in real time so you can always be sure the crane is level, whether tracking on a slope or filming on boats.

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