TASCAM have released the TM-2X Stereo X-Y Pattern Mic for DSLR Cameras.

Tascam TM-2X

Users now have the option to utilize the same cardioid mics made popular on the DR-Series PCM recorders and record straight into their camera of choice. Over the past few years TASCAM has become the most trusted supplier of audio devices for amateurs and pros alike that are filming video with DSLR cameras. The TM-2X continues that reputation.

The TM-2X is fitted with a pair of high-quality X-Y pattern cardioid mics that are able to rotate horizontally 180 degrees. These mics are equipped with a switchable low-cut filter, a two-stage output level adjustment to adjust for varying cameras input levels, and all of this rests on a floating support structure to eliminate handling noise. For additional noise isolation, the TM-2X ships with an isolation arm to distance the mics from camera lens auto-focus noise, and place the mics closer to the audio source being recorded. For outdoor recording, an included furry-windscreen can be attached. The TM-2X and noise-isolation arm attach to the top of the camera via the standard hot shoe mount. The mics plug into cameras’ 3.5mm mic input, and are powered from the standard plug-in power supplied by the DSLR camera.

Videographers across the board should keep the TASCAM TM-2X on hand with their camera at all times. It is an ideal go-to solution to pair high quality audio to high definition video. Plug in the TM-2X and hit record – you will be assured of TASCAM’s reputation of quality, versatility and innovation.

Tascam TM-2X Mic

Key TM-2X features include:

Directional stereo condenser microphones in an X-Y configuration
Designed with the capacity to easily handle high sound pressure levels up to 120 dB SPL
Floating support structure used to reduce handling noise
Included noise isolation arm to reduce lens operation noise
Low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted low frequencies
Included furry-windscreen
Two-stage output level adjustment switch ensures compatibility with a variety of cameras
Vari-angle microphone structure allows 180º rotation for optimal mic placement
Included shoe adapter (ISO/JIS specification compliant) can be attached to the camera accessory shoe
Tripod mounting threads enable the unit to be attached to a camera tripod
33cm connection cord supports connections in a variety of manners
Lightweight design (75 g) that won’t interrupt camera balance or handling
Stereo mini plug output jack
Operates on plug-in power from the connected unit

Please see Tascam for more information about their TM-2X Stereo X-Y Pattern Mic for DSLR Cameras.

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