The Tascam DR-100MKII is a high-end 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM portable field recorder that builds on the very popular DR-100 model’s strengths, and adds plenty of improvements on top of that. Grabbing a Japanese press release here is what looks to be new: A better sturdier case build, +4 DBu line level input with +48 V phantom power, independent left and right audio channel adjustments via large rotary dials. Finally professional locking XLR inputs, a unidirectional microphone unit with higher sound quality, increased gain adjustment, and digital input. Look for the Tascam DR-100MKII to be out end of November.

Locking XLR inputs with +4 dBu line-level support / +48 V phantom with a ■ 20dB headroom
Equipped with a lock on the bottom to match the audio XLR inputs for balanced output operation. Phantom power can be supplied with +48 V, can be connected to a condenser microphone. If you select the LINE1 by the switch on the bottom, corresponding to the input line XLR inputs. Not only are compatible with a +4 dBu line level inputs, headroom of 20dB. You can also use the line output as a backup recorder. Connector with lock ensures reliable connections in the field are not allowed to exit incorrectly.

Large rotary input volume ■ independent left and right adjustable
Equipped with a large rotary volume input to enable fine adjustment of input levels. + / – A digital – operation enables precise level setting can not be obtained. Left and right because it is independent and can also adjust the level difference between left and right. Even aspects that require speed, precise level can be adjusted by direct manipulation.

A robust aluminum enclosure ■ safely in a hard spot
Aluminum body on the back table and uses the body to withstand use in harsh environments. Strong aluminum body is not only strike a luxury, providing high durability.

Digital input to allow connection from the device without degradation ■ Playback
Pin REMOTE / DIGITAL IN side of the body surface, by selecting the DIGITAL IN menu operation and connect the cable supplied with the conversion, allowing COAXIAL digital input. IEC60958-3 (S / PDIF) formats are supported.

Mechanical switches to achieve ■ Simple and reliable operation
Unlike in the body and menu operation, with more than a mechanical switch can feel secure operation. Provides a fast and reliable operation.

■ High-quality headphone output terminal and output terminal by a separate line
In linear PCM / IC Recorder common line output and headphone output is independent of often being shared. Because the optimal circuitry, each terminal is also used to achieve the impossible without high-quality line output.

■ Wireless / wired remote RC-10 accessories
Touch noise elimination, and standard remote control that allows the body to the position that the ideal setting. In addition to work wirelessly, if you are seeking a reliable operation can be connected in 2WAY wired remote control.

■ Soft case comes with windscreen

Feature List

44.1k/48k/96kHz, 16/24 bit linear PCM format (WAV) can be recorded (corresponding to 96kHz only at HS mode).
Can record in MP3 format 32k ~ 320kbps (STD mode when, support ID3 tag v2.4)
High-speed file transfer via USB2.0
Uses a SD / SDHC memory card recording media versatile, comes with a 2GB SD card
By two omni-directional condenser microphone with cardioid condenser microphone, a total of four built-in microphone
AA batteries and rechargeable lithium ion battery, dual battery mechanism can be used with two different battery
Built-in Speaker
Level control with limiter function and Automatic Gain Control
Existing audio files while playing, recording and overdubbing to create a new file type to another overlapping speech that sounds
Low Cut Filter (OFF/40/80/120Hz)
Senses the input level of analog audio, Auto Start Recording is done automatically and Breakfast
Mark feature to help you move to a specific location
Pre-recording function can record sound 2 seconds before the recording starts
Breakfast delay feature to avoid sound recording of the RECORD button operation
While continuing to record, file size and maximum analog input level preset, auto track increment to update the files automatically
While continuing to record, track increment feature can update the file at any position
Playlist files can be registered to play
Features repeat function and loop playback
VSA (Variable Speed ​​Audition) can vary the pitch of the sound speed as it allows
Recording time and size, can check the information of the audio file
QUICK TAG featured quick to identify the file
Divide function to split the file in any position (only WAV files)
Date can be set to either a user or a word file name format
Dot matrix type LCD backlit 128 x 64
Equipped with a tripod mounting hole in the body
Wireless remote control will also come with a wired
USB cable, soft carrying case and comes with a windscreen
External battery pack (sold separately: TASCAM BP-6AA) can be supplied from Rechargeable lithium ion battery (BP-L2) attached. In addition, nickel-metal hydride batteries can be used and commercially available AA alkaline batteries
Optional AC adapter (PS-P520) can be used to, can be used continuously without worrying about battery
MP3 ID3 tag (Ver. 2.4) can be displayed in Japanese

See Tascam for more information and availability.

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