Interestingly Tamron Boffins have applied for a patent on a 2/3″ F2.8 50mm lens. Now Tamron must know the security market is big bickie business.

From the Egami Blog where everyone gets those lens patents from but hardly ever credits them…

Tanron 50mm lens patent

Japanese to English translation.

Tamron 2/3″ Lens Technology Patent

Patent Publication No. 2014-178436
Published 2014.9.25
Filing date 2013.3.14
Example 1
Focus distance f = 49.9221mm
Fno. 2.84
Angle of view 2ω = 12.55 °
Image height Y = 5.5mm
Lens configuration ten group 9
3-group configuration of Seishibo positive and negative
The pay-out front group

Tamron patent of

Tamron patent application of surveillance cameras will be an optical system for. Since the surveillance cameras are used for a long period of time, Tamron seems to have realized cost, durability, the advantageous design in maintenance by the structure simple.

Because the hand of the lens the entire feed is large, the front group feeding It is unusual. Corresponding image sensor 2/3 inch will be 200mm equivalent in so Leica equivalent. I will want to try using even the photographic lenses because performance even relatively high performance.

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