Press release for the newly announced Switronix Bolt 220 LED on camera light.

The Switronix Bolt BT220 is the same size as the original Bolt BT200, but 10% brighter and 40% more power efficient.

Switronix Bolt 220

Switronix is excited to announce our new edition to the TorchLED line, the Bolt 220 (#TL-BT220). The new Bolt 220 has a 220-watt output and was improved for convenience. The new LED light now has an independent knob for color temperature between tungsten (3200k) and daylight (5600k) that means you no longer need to mix and match between two dials for the most accurate ambient light. We have also added a dial to change the brightness from 0% to 100% with no noticeable color shift.

The BT220 is the same size as our original Bolt BT200, but 10% brighter and 40% more power efficient, which means it will run longer on the same Sony L-series style batteries or with on-board batteries through the powertap cable included.

Brighter than our original Bolt, the Bolt 220 can be used in a spectrum of different ways. From event videographers to DSLR video production or even still photographers, the Bolt 220 will satisfy your every lighting need. It serves not only as an on-camera lighting solution but can also be positioned on a light stand. Whether it’s being used outdoors for fill light or inside for an interview, the Bolt 220 will be your go-to light!

With the convenient on/off switch, you have the ability to maintain your light settings even when powering off the unit. The Bolt 220 includes all standard accessories of the original Bolt; a 1/4-20 Swivel Shoe mount, powertap cable, snap-on filter tray, diffusion filter, and bag. It also includes a powertap cable for DC powering off of a standard 14.4v brick battery, as well as a built-in Sony L-series battery sled.

Switronix TorchLED Bolt 220

Switronix Bolt 220 LED Light Specifications:

Material of Light Housing: Black, ABS
Dimensions: 5.59″L × 4″W × 2.95″H (Light Body)
Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
Illumination: Approx. 2100LUX(3200K, 1m), 2600LUX(5600K, 1m), combined over 220w output equivalent
Weight: 1.15lbs.
Electrical Consumption: 13w
Power Supply: DC 7.2V-16.8V, Sony DV Battery
Dimming Range: 0%-100%

Please see Switronix for more information about their TorchLED Bolt 220 LED light.

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