Sometimes it is the small things make a shoot more enjoyable, and we all like to have a bag of goodies up our sleeve to keep clients happy and make the production run smoother. The SwirlyGig Drink Holder just might be one of those items in your kit that gets people talking and make life on set easier. The SwirlyGig comes stand alone or in a gift set, and it would be nice if it came with that beer included chilled ready to down. The drink holders come in black and in chrome. Expect to pay around $15 to $20 for the SwirlyGig.

SwirlyGig is built to fit on roughly half-inch tubing. Try it on light stands, mic stands, music stands, drum hardware, etc. The SwirlyGig will hold cans, bottles, glasses as well as odds and ends!

For more see SwirlyGig.

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