Rig designer and inventor of Swedish Chameleon Guffe Funck shows that you don’t have to resort to cheap knock off designs to push through for a great looking DSLR Rig.
Swedish Chameleon’s are available as kits or parts.
In Kit form SC:Large Version 1 of the Swedish Chameleon will set you back around US$1988. In November a pre-production of the Swedish Chameleon V2 will hit the market and go full swing in December.
The SC:Tiny is around $1105.
You can also get a Follow Focus unit that is offset from Swedish Chameleon which is all metal and uses four steel bearings, and steel cord belts.

What has got most hot under the collar and steaming up glasses is the SC:Flying V that looks quite funky but at $3500 you can bet there a few guys sweating on a knock off version to appear soon.

Right now, you can not buy SWEDISH CHAMELEON products online.
If you are interested in any products, please email: order@swedishchameleon.se and they will get back to you shortly!

Kaffebrus has Swedish Chameleon for sale.

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