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RED Digital Cinema Professional

So when I saw Jim Jannard chimed in on the Weapon camera name after being away from stroking the keys for nearly 2 years… well that equalled happy happy joy joy for me.

Today I danced the RECON dance, as it seems Jim Jannard is back smacking, with his second REDUser re-entry…

2015 might be the year 4K went mainstream, but let’s also allow Jim Jannard and his RECON posts equal top billing too.

Jim dropped Obsolescence obsolete… Which runs you through what your financial outlay has been on this 4K carnival ride.


In 2007 I bought a RED ONE with a 4K Mysterium sensor for $17,500. At that time, just for reference, a Sony F23 (2/3″ 1080P sensor) was $175K. Plus SR (RGB) recorder.

In 2010 I upgraded to the 5K Mysterium-X sensor for $5750 . I am now in for a total of $23,250.

In 2012 I traded in my RED ONE (credit value $17,500) for a $28,000 EPIC M-X package. I am now in for a total of $33,750.

In 2013 I upgraded my EPIC M-X to the 6K Dragon sensor for $9500 . I am now in for a total of $43,250.

Soon… I will be able to trade in my EPIC Dragon for Weapon. God only knows what that means…

This is Obsolescence Obsolete. As promised.

The Hobbit. Avatar 2, 3 and 4. Ridley Scott. David Fincher. You.


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