Steadycam and Shoulder Rig DSLR Video Camera Stabilizer System – from SteadyDSLR Steady DSLR on Vimeo.

The SteadyDSLR removes shake and vibrations from camera movements, creating steady, stable looking videos!

Push two buttons to change from Shoulder Rig to Steadycam position.

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This lightweight video camera stabilizer weighs only 1.5 lbs but supports up to 5 lbs of video camera and lens weight.

The SteadyDSLR utilizes a rugged metal frame and gimbal for superb smoothness and long lasting durability.

It also features an adjustable shoulder pad for a customized, comfortable fit. Just push two buttons to quickly transform from a Shoulder Support to a Handheld Steadycam! Unsnap the rig and go shoot!

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