Steady Shot Bot is a multi-function 4-axis steadicam robot for manual or automated hyper lapse, steadicam or motion film camera shots.

Steady Shot Bot

Steady Shot Bot Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Height: 12″ Width: 11″ Depth: 10″
CAPACITIES: Camera sled: 6 lbs* Bot weight: 3 lbs* I/O 2-USB mini – Bot Controller/3-axis Controller (Firmware / Configuration) 1-Bluetooth – wireless controller (API) Infrared – camera focus/shutter control 1/8″ stereo jack – focus/shutter trigger 1/8″ stereo jack – external trigger (motion, sound activation)
INTERFACE: 3″x2″ Color TFT Resistive Touch screen 1-RGB status light 1-Yellow/Red Focus/Shutter light on camera tray
SENSORS : Dual 3-axis Accelerometer/Gyroscope – Stabilization Single 3-axis Magnetometer – Compass/Direction
DRIVE SYSTEM: XL Belt 1/5 tooth spacing Auto-Feed belt drive system Slider Pulling Strength: 10 Lbs @ 60 deg.*
BATTERY LIFE: Internal: 8 hours* External Bat-Pack: +4 hours*
MOTION: Gimbal Speed: 5 to 45 degrees /sec (configurable) Bot Speed: 1 to 5″/sec (configurable) active 3-axis stabilization Waypoint-based planner Real time and lapsed movement logarithmic movement easing.
MATERIAL: Bot: ABS Plastic Gimbal: High Impact Poly Styrene, Carbon Fiber
INTERVALOMETER: Wired and IR trigger (focus/shutter) Shutter Bulb-Ramping Linear/logarithmic Auto Bulb-Ramp with Ambient light Sensing
*As Steady Shot Bot is being finalized specifications are subject to change.

For more: Steady Shot Bot on Kickstarter.

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