The SteadiGO is a video camera Stabilizer/SteadyCam!
The SteadiGO works by reducing shake and vibration from motion shots to create smooth looking videos. The SteadiGO can be used with DSLR Video Cameras and Camcorders

The SteadiGO can be can be adjusted quickly and easily by hand without the use of any tools. Expect to pay around $200 plus shipping for the SreadiGO.

The SteadiGO is constructed of a strong steel frame.

The SteadiGO is very lightweight (1.2 pounds) compared to other stabilizers on the market. Having a lightweight rig helps when balancing lightweight cameras and also lessens user fatigue. The SteadiGO can balance up to 4 pounds (1.8kg) of Camera and accessory weight.

The SteadiGO has six different camera mounting options. Three are centered over the frame for camcorder mounting and three are off-center for DSLR video camera mounting.

The SteadiGO simplifies the balancing process into three steps:
~ Camera mounting position
~ Adding counter weights
~ Counter-weight slider position

For further details see SteadiGO.

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