We are on a Kickstarter roll.. Hey try this one for size if you dare.

We can’t help but be reminded of an old Sunbeam Mix Master looking at the Stabilyzer. Bet one gets gutted by the DIY inclined trying this at home.


Stabilyzer uses centrifugal force to provide a balancing effect to the unit. This force augments the user’s grip on the unit, dampening any sudden movement on the part of the user. We refer to this as assistive stabilization.

The unit is designed to be operated in a point and shoot manner conducive to rapid changes of direction and focus on the part of the user. This is opposed to gimbal type units whose form factor and inertia typically prohibit rapid movement.

The unit is designed to be unobtrusive and attractive to users who do not wish to encumber themselves with complicated and intimidating equipment harnesses. The design is specifically meant to be appealing and unintimidating to the average consumer.

Please hit up Stabile Technologies and check out their Kickstarter campaign page for more information.

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