Alex Zhuk a filmmaker and photographer from Calabasas California, is set to launch via a Kickstarter campaign the Stabil i4 brushless gimbal handheld camera rig.

Here is a sneak peek of what is coming from Alex…

Stabil i4 Brushless Gimbal Rig

Stabil i4:

Starting at $1879, and will come fully pre-assembled, pre-tuned, and professionaly tested her in California.

the gimbal is composed of high-quality composite carbon fiber and California-machined aluminum peices. the Stabil i4 uses 3 powerful brushless motors in conjunction with customized Mos electronics to deliver full 3 axis stabilization to any camera up to 10lbs (if you decide to order the RED PACKAGE; the regular package supports 5lbs of camera gear). the camera gimbal also allows precise control over all aspects of stabilization, from joystick control, remote operator control, follow mode, hold mode and power.

We dearly hope you support our project in the near future. Thank you.

Hungry for more, then hit Stabil up HERE.

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