The Stabil i4 3-axis camera stabilizer handles DSLR’s and RED cameras, now gets a Kickstarter campaign…

Stabil i4

The Stabil i4 utilises 3 brushless motors and a state-of-the-art customised microprocessor (paired to a gyroscope) to deliver true buttery smooth video footage in places that were previously thought of as impossible. The Stabil i4 eliminates any human error such as jerks and is the ultimate accessory for any filmmaker, professional or amateur.

It is incredibly affordable compared to any other option on the market, a well as each one will be pre-assembled and pre-tuned in the USA.

Please visit Stabil’s Kickstarter page for more about their i4 3-axis gimbal rig.

Also check out their Facebook page for all things Stabil.

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