The SquareShot is a video production rig with a simple, effective design. Held in your hands, the wide-set handles dramatically reduce camera shake. Mounted on your tripod, the SquareShot revolutionizes panning & tilting. Load mics, lights, monitors, etc. on the two shoe mounts provided on the top handle. Or add additional mounts and a quick-release system on the bottom bar.

SquareShot Introduction:

Making a movie with your HD helmet cam or POV video camera? The SquareShot Mini is a stabilizer and mounting platform for your small camera. It allows you to get those cinematic shots in the field or the studio.
Incredibly strong, but only 1.5 inches deep, both models are great for traveling and shooting in tight quarters. There aren’t any fancy machined parts, and that makes them extremely affordable.

See SquareShot for more information.

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