The Spyder Jib from Long Valley Equipment allows you to move the camera in any direction you desire. Its drive system not only keeps the head level but also ensures that the counterweights are always in position to balance the entire rig, regardless of camera position. Expected cost for the Spyder Jib could be around $2,995

Spyder Jib with RED EPIC Camera:

The camera can move in an arc, a straight line, or any combination, and change direction at any point.
The Spyder Jib is also ultra portable, with it’s pin locked folded position.
A 75mm invertible bowl for compact fluid heads is standard.

Maximum weight capacity of camera, camera accessories, and fluid head is 15 pounds, perfect for the new generation of compact, large sensor digital cinema cameras.

Long Valley Equipment will also be offering a motion modified gimbal head which allows for unprecedented camera movement. This head works great in underslung mode and allows the camera to be balanced at it’s center of gravity.

Projected msrp of the Spyder jib is $2,995 subject to change.

The modified motion head msrp is $595 also subject to change.

Spyder Jib Set Up:

For more please go to Long Valley Equipment for more on the Spyder Jib.

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