When I was a little tacker I asked my old man how would cars from now be replaced in the future… He replied “Not with technology but by lack of parts.”

Smart man!

Sony too know his words of wisdom and have announced they are discontinuing support for half inch tape cameras and VTR’s from 2016, and will concentrate on file based cameras and workflows.

Sony HDW-F900R

This is a straight rip from a Japanese Sony press release translated:

Thank you for your favorite Sony products patronage.
Our sells currently, to be concerning, I am allowed to discontinued as a prospect the 2016 end of March (Please check the following subject products) all models of half-inch and camcorders Sony commercial half inch VTR became. It is willing to view the status of the recent rapid file-based workflow of is progressing, it will focus on the development and sale of file-based products more future Toshimashite Sony. I Thank you for your patronage half inch and camcorders Sony commercial half inch VTR long.

Regarding the current service and maintenance, including the provision of repair parts for half inch for camcorders and Sony business for half inch VTR, is scheduled to continue until the end of March 2023. In addition, it is not subject to sale end of this time, professional video tape of half-inch series will continue to sell continue.


HDCAM Compact Player: J-1989, J-1991
J Series Player: J-30SDI
HDCAM recorder: HDW-S2000, HDW-1800, HDW-D1800, HDW-M2000, HDW-S280
HDCAM player: HDW-M2100
HDCAM-SR digital player: SRW-5100
HD dual-format recorder: SRW-5500
HDCAM-SR digital recorder: SRW-5800
HDCAM camcorder: HDW-F900R, HDW-650

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