Enjoy the Sony F5 and F55 cameras plus all the add on modular components you get to play with to make a working cine, corporate, broadcast production camera that runs at 4K.

Sony F5 PL100

Sony F55 ASX-R5

Sony F5 Side View

Sony F55 Side View

Sony AXS-R5

Sony AXS-CR1

Sony AXSM Memory Card

Sony F55 Plus Audio Module

Sony F55 F5 Battery adapter

Sony DVF-L350 ViewFinder

Sony DVF-EL100 7″ OLED VF

Sony DVF-L700 7″ LCD VF

Sony SCL-PK3 PL Lens Kit

Sony SCL-PK6 PL Lens Set Top View

Sony SCL-PK6 PL Lens Set

Sony F5 Modular

Sony F55 Modular

Sony F5 Naked

Sony F55 Naked

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