At the Sony NAB 2013 launch event right at the very end of the hour long presentation Alec Shapiro President of Professional Solutions America introduced Toshihiko Ohnishi who is the Deputy President of Sony’s Professional Services Group in Japan. Toshihiko talked for about three minutes on what Sony called “Our vision for the future.” They brought out on stage 2 cameras and a bevy of lenses. Toshihiko described the showcase as the embodiment of Sony’s future development.

Sony NAB Launch Cameras

Here’s the thing, what was it exactly up there on stage? Prototype cameras? No!
Before NAB began a guy on Twitter called @joshuadmedia allegedly pretended to sneak into the RED both and faked a photo of what he said was a prototype Scarlet camera. It was quickly exposed as a hoax. Now not saying the Sony cameras are a hoax, however I am calling out anyone who called them prototype cameras in Blogs. Clearly if you were to Blog that these cameras are prototypes you suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect… Which basically means in this case, unskilled filmmakers / Bloggers suffering from visions of grandeur and mistakenly elevating their knowledge and skills higher than they actually are and they are too stupid to know that. So the more ignorant they are the less likely they are to know it.

Sony Concept 4K Cine Camera

One Blogger said he loved the hexagonal shape of one of the cameras???? The thing clearly has eight sides…. Maybe he might like the OCTAGONAL shape better!! Plus no where in that presentation is that DSLR style camera referred to as being full frame which has also been mistakenly reported.

Remember the Canon 4K hairdryer? The same thing happened with that concept camera. It was billed as a prototype camera by the same disingenuous dangerous dribbling dolts now calling the Sony stage cameras prototypes. At CineGear the next year it was revealed in an interview by Canon to be nothing more than plastic with wires running down the plinth to a processor, and was just a concept mock up.

Sony Concept 4K DSLR Camera

The Sony concept cameras are no different to that Panasonic 4K concept camera shown at NAB 2012. They are there to get industry feed back. Concept cameras going forward from industry trade shows does not mean they are guaranteed of ever going into production. Saying they are prototypes alludes to them going into production nearly as is.

Sony Concept 4K Cine

So watch the Sony presentation for yourself HERE…. Soak up what’s on stage, but please refrain from making assumptions and passing them off as facts. Or get the skinny version below.

Thanks to Film-tv-video for the clip.

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