Well that was the shortest rumour in the world as the Sony PXW-X70 4K ready camera is officially announced in Japan by Sony.

Sony PXW-X70 Camera

Here is the UK Sony PXW-X70 camera press release:

Versatile new camcorder features a sensor more than eight times the size of a conventional 1/3 single chip sensor, providing fantastic sensitivity and low light performance; 4K recording capability will be available in a future update

Sony has launched the 4K-ready PXW-X70, the first compact XDCAM professional camcorder ever produced. Expanding the popular file-based XDCAM family to a new smaller form factor and lower price point, Sony has combined stunning picture quality, speed of shooting and robust performance into a package which is ideal for a wide range of applications from news gathering and documentary to events work.

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The PXW-X70 features a 1.0 type Exmor R CMOS Sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. The sensor, which is even larger than the Super 16mm film frame, delivers high resolution and fantastic low light performance, as well as offering more depth of field control as demanded by today’s diverse shooting requirements. The new camcorder has the ability to record High Definition in XAVC Long GOP, enabling 422 10-bit sampling at 50 Mbit/s. This in-turn supports a broadcast-quality workflow, increasingly adopted by productions in many different professional applications.

This addition to the expanding next generation XDCAM family follows the recently announced PXW-X180 and PXW-X160 and builds upon Sony’s successful heritage of compact professional camcorders. The PXW-X70 is the first professional compact camcorder from Sony to include Wi-Fi-enabled control via Smart Phone or Tablet using the Content Browser Mobile application. An upcoming release will also provide customers with the ability to upgrade the PXW-X70 to record in 4K Ultra High Definition, with file transferring, and live video streaming capabilities.

“This first compact member of the XDCAM family brings the performance and workflow benefits associated with XAVC to an even wider range of shooting scenarios,” said Robbie Fleming, Product Marketing Manager, at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Over the past couple of years we’ve seen the broadcast industry really embrace the picture quality benefits associated with large sensors; the one-inch sensor at the heart of the PXW-X70 sets a new standard for colour, depth and texture in a professional compact camcorder. Coupled with the ability to upgrade to 4K, this represents a multipurpose, future-proof option for customers looking for a tough camcorder which doesn’t compromise on image.”

Key features of the PXW-X70

1.0 type Exmor R CMOS Sensor and Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* lens for stunning picture quality. High sensitivity and fantastic resolution with 14.2 million effective pixels delivers striking detail and colours, even in low light conditions. The lens offers a 12x Optical Zoom, which can be increased to 24x with Clear Image Zoom while retaining full resolution thanks to Super Resolution Technology. Zoom performance can be doubled at any point with a Digital Extender by up to 48x.

Compact, lightweight XDCAM camcorder packed with adaptable professional functions. The PXW-X70 weighs less than 1.4kg, including the XLR handle unit, battery (NP-FV70), lens hood and large eye-cup. It offers professional interfaces such as 3G-SDI and HDMI output connectors plus an XLR x 2 handle unit with zoom lever. Other professional features include a manual lens ring that can intuitively control zoom and focus, ergonomic palm grip with large zoom lever, two SD memory card slots for backup, simultaneous and relay recording, and a three-level switchable ND filter.

Breadth of recording format capabilities. Provides multiple choices depending on application required, including XAVC, AVCHD and DV® file-based recording. When recording in XAVC, the PXW-X70 uses the MXF file format, efficiently compressing full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution using the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 CODEC. Image sampling is 4:2:2 10-bit with high-efficiency Long-GOP compression at 50 Mbps, 35 Mbps or 25 Mbps.

Built-in Wi-Fi control functionality for monitoring and remote control versatility. Near Field Communication functions enable easy, one-touch wireless LAN connection to a smartphone or tablet, while the Content Browser Mobile application allows confirmation of shot angles and operation of the camcorder by remote, including field angle setting, spot focus and iris adjustment.

Upcoming announcements to add even greater, future-proof functionality. Sony is set to make upgrades to 4K and file transfer and streaming by Wi-Fi function available for the PXW-X70 in the coming months.

Here is the original part of the post… The press release translated from Japanese to English.

Release of XDCAM memory camcorder the smallest and lightest corresponding to the 1.0-inch image sensor deployment XAVC record high sensitivity
– Support will also be available on the 4K recording ※ –
※ body firmware update by (paid), and scheduled for the first half of 2015.

Sony will release installed (about 20 million pixels total pixels) 1.0-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor Exmor R high-sensitivity, corresponding to XAVC recording, XDCAM memory camcorder “PXW-X70”.

Of 1.4 kg slightly (180.9mm × depth 287mm height width 130.3mm ×) body size that fits in one hand, we have realized the size and weight of most XDCAM series, this unit, sub of documentary photography and the press alone coverage I suggest it for a broad range of field applications such as camera, mobility is required.

Sony PXW-X70 Camera 4

In addition, it is the model that corresponds to 4K ※ also recorded in the firmware update of the body, expand the horizons of 4K video production market.
This unit is equipped with a 1.0-inch CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity, even in shooting low-light environments, shooting high-resolution, high image quality is possible.

In addition, we have implemented a multi-format that can be selected depending on the application, it covers a wide range of XAVC Long GOP 422 high image quality recording can be in a high-resolution gray-scale representation from (10bit) record, to DV and AVCHD.

In addition, equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens, 24 times using all the pixel super-resolution zoom function, and up to 48 times zoom with a digital extender high-quality Sony’s unique that I made use of the high resolution sensor of 20 million pixels I have realized up. This will correspond to the shooting in a wide range of scenes from wide-angle to telephoto, which is required in the field of professional.

Sony PXW-X70 Camera 2

as various functions of the professional demands, it is possible to be connected with various broadcast equipment such as switchers 3G-SDI in addition to HDMI, in addition to the built-in microphone, and also equipped with a removable XLR handle unit or the like to use a commercial microphone You. In addition, the wireless function, remote control and monitoring from a smartphone can be, it is convenient for shooting stationary cranes and shooting it out of reach to the camera. By the main body firmware update will support will also be available on the file transfer or streaming.

And expanded its product XDCAM memory camcorder handheld with improved usability in the production site and various high-quality photography for business use only, Sony, I suggest towards the use of a wide range of video production.

Sony PXW-X70

The main features of the “PXW-X70”

Adopt one. 1.0-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor Exmor R
Equipped with a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor Exmor R of about 20 million pixels 1.0-inch total number of pixels with high sensitivity, high-quality photography and reduced noise even in shooting a low light.
Because the image sensor of this unit is compatible with 4K, the total number of pixels are sufficient to cover 4K resolution and 20 million pixel, it becomes possible 4K shooting and recording in the future by the firmware update of the body. ※
※: Plan to the first half of 2015. (Paid)

It is equipped with a 2. 12x optical lens, can be up to 48 times zoom

This unit employs a lens ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T *, which was developed in order to realize a high-definition also depicted in the periphery of the screen. Equipped with a wide-angle 29.0mm · 12x optical zoom lens, 24 times using all the pixel super-resolution zoom function, and up to 48 times zoom with a digital extender high-quality utilizing the high resolution sensor of 20 million pixels further I will achieve. This will correspond to the shooting in a wide range of scenes from wide-angle to telephoto, which is required in the field of professional.

Multi-format support that, including (10bit) format 3. XAVC Long GOP 422

I support multiple formats can both of the required format depending on the application.
I will cover a wide range from 422 format XAVC Long GOP, AVCHD, up to DV.
In addition, we plan to update the firmware of the body, corresponding in the future also Proxy (proxy) record.

Corresponds to 4. Wireless function, possible monitoring, remote control while recording

In addition to built-in Wi-Fi module, NFC: It supports (Near Field Communication Near Field Communication). Can wireless LAN connection and smart phones and tablets easily at the touch of a button, a mobile application Content Browser Mobile ™, remote control operation of the “camera” angle confirmation before shooting, “” monitoring during recording “(start and stop recording / touch focus / zoom I can) “and iris adjustment. This will allow and installing cameras at high altitude, also a location where you do not have access. In addition, the firmware update, it also supports file transfer and streaming in the future.

It is equipped with various functions that are indispensable to 5. Business

I have installed in a compact housing features for business use only camcorder.

• Supports 3G-SDI in addition to the HDMI
In addition to the HDMI terminal with high connection affinity with consumer equipment, by the deployment of 3D-SDI, connection of long distance is possible with a single BNC cable transmission of the video signal up to HD1080 60p. This provides video and confirmed high-grade by Professional monitor, a connection with the various broadcast equipment such as switchers.

· It is equipped with XLR audio terminal to achieve high quality and reliability
In addition to the built-in microphone, and comes with a removable handle XLR unit for using the commercial microphone. Input level attenuator (0/10/20dB), low-cut filter or the like can be set, you can also supply phantom power to condenser microphones.

• The dual memory card slot, also supports long-time recording and backup recording
It is equipped with an SD memory card slot two. For in memory card slot two, set to allocate to individual memory card slot (only the same recording mode), corresponding to the Rec button two simultaneous recording is also possible possible, while shooting optional in the memory of one, the other We will continue recording on the one hand, it serves as a backup. In addition, (or vice versa), which also supports relay recording function continuous recording can be to media slot B of A from the media slot.

· It is equipped with a picture profile function
It is possible to adjust the parameters gamma curve that determines the characteristics of the image, black level, such as the development of color, The finish of the tone of the video work and the overall correction of multi-camera during operation is possible. Along with the other settings, the parameters you have set will be recorded in the memory card as a camera profile.

Sony PXW-X70 Camera Features
Sony PXW-X70 Camera Features 2
Sony PXW-X70 Camera Features 3

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