Camera Christmas has come early… As the inventor of the term Unicorn camera, I give you the next rare thing, the PXW-FS7 or the Narwhal camera specs.

Leaked of course, not by Cinescopophilia.

Sony PXW-FS7 Side Leaked

Sony PXW-FS7 LFS Camera Product Overview
· High performance motion picture capability
· Small & light weight “All-in-one” model fits to any shooting style
· Universal Lens Mount System based on E-mount
· 4K S35mm Exmor CMOS Sensor
· E-mount
· Multi Codec
· S-Log3/S-Gammut3
· RAW (w/ Ext.Unit, HXR-IFR5, AXS-R5)
· S&Q (HFR)
· XQD slot x2
· Flexible Style
· 3.5 LCD panel and Eye-piece
· Wireless Operation
· In/Out
· High Reliability

Sony PXW-FS7 Camera Main Features:

High performance motion picture capability

S35mm Exmor, QFHD, HFR180fps,
Multiple Video Codec including XAVC QFHD/HD, MPEG2 HD, ProRes HD (w/ Ext. Unit, Ver.Up)
Scalable System for professional users by extension unit

Small & light weight “All-in-one” model fits to any shooting style

All -in-one, One man operation LFS
Quick and secure configuration change among handheld, shoulder and tripod

Universal Lens Mount System based on E-mount

Newly developed E-mount lens SELP28135G optimized for Motion picture
Expanding E-mount licensees
Over 200 mount adapter for E-mount

Main Target Application

Music/Promotion Video
Corporate Video

Target User

Owner & Operator
Medium and Small production
Low Budget rental

Multi Codec

MPEG2 HD 4:2:2
ProRes HD 4:2:2 (w/ Ext.Unit, Ver Up)

RAW (w/ Ext.Unit, HXR-IFR5, AXS-R5)

UI/Opetation = Cine-EI mode
FS700RAW compatible


180fps(N)/150fps(P)@HD XAVC-I
240fps@2K RAW (w/ Ext.Unit)

XQD slot x2

2 Media Simul Recording ( Independent Rec Trigger
Seamless Relay Recording

Flexible Style

Adjustable VF/Hand-grip position

Wireless Operation

Similar to PMW-F55/F5
NFC (w/ WiFi Dongle) added
WiFi Remote (WiFi dongle / WA100)
Proxy (w/ WA100)
File copy (w/ WA100, Ver.Up)
Stream (w/ WA100)


XLRx2, HDMI, HD-SDIx2, LANC, DC-In Head Phone, IR-Remote, MI-Shoe, USB
Extension Unit
GenLock, TC, Ref-Out, RAW-Out, DC-In, DC-Out

High Reliability

Die-cast Magnesium body
Sealed Against Dust & Moisture

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