Sony are saying they will add FS RAW to the FS5 camera in an upcoming firmware update.

For now here is what is included and what the differences between the 1.0 and 1.1 FS5 camera firmware upgrades are.

Sony pxwfs5

FS5 Firmware Version 1.0

The PXW-FS5’s Firmware Version 1.0 enables “dual recording” for writing identical content to two SD cards simultaneously. This firmware also supports simultaneous proxy recording of the main HD or Quad Full HD (QFHD) recording at a lower bit-rate to 720P HD or 640 x 360 pixels. Each proxy recording has the same filename and timecode as the main recording and is stored in different folders on the same SD card.

With Firmware Version 1.0, the PXW-FS5 records to Sony or to third-party external recorders via its HDMI, SDI or Composite Video outputs. SDI output is always HD, 10-bit 4:2:2. The HDMI output can be Quad Full HD (QFHD) or HD depending on the camera settings. The bit depth and color sampling of the HDMI output signal is always 8-bit 4:2:2.

The PXW-FS5 also provides timecode and REC trigger signals via SDI and HDMI to compatible external devices. Using SMPTE RDD18, the PXW-FS5 outputs camera metadata including timecode and REC trigger via SDI. For HDMI output, timecode and REC trigger/status use manufacturer-specific data areas, which Sony provides by request.

Firmware Version 1.0 supports simultaneous internal and external recording of HD. When internally recording HD, the SDI and HD-SDI outputs are active, carrying HD, timecode and REC trigger signals. Compatible external recorders can be set to follow the camera’s timecode and record ON/OFF commands automatically.

With Firmware Version 1.0, the PXW-FS5 can record QFHD to internal storage or to an external recorder, but not to both simultaneously. When the PXW-FS5 is set to record QFHD internally, the HDMI output is active while the camera is paused and muted when internal recording starts. This permits use of an external monitor or third-party recorder/monitor for setting up shots or for playback. However, REC trigger, timecode and digital signals are not sent to the external recorder via HDMI. (Note: Firmware Version 1.1 will implement simultaneous QFHD internal/ external recording, including REC trigger and timecode via the HDMI output.)

FS5 Firmware Version 1.1

Version 1.1 allows simultaneous QFHD internal recording and QFHD output to an external unit that serves as the monitoring device. A new menu item (“QFHD REC OUTPUT”) in the recording menu permits switching between simultaneous QFHD internal/external recording, with loss of VF and LCD operation and internal recording. The loss of VF/LCD does not affect HD operations.

Version 1.1 is merely the next step in the PXW-FS5’s ongoing development. A future firmware build will add “FS RAW” recording. The OLED and VF will remain active regardless of the choice of format.

Download V1.1 for Mac and Windows here:

[Mac] File Name : Update_PXWFS5V110.dmg (File size: 84,478,733 byte)

North America

Sony FS5 1.1 Firmware

[Windows] File Name :Update_PXWFS5V110.exe (File size: 82,378,816 byte)

North America

Sony FS5 1.1 Firmware

Sony is planning additional firmware updates based on customer input to expand the PXW-FS5’s creative capabilities and give camera operators more options for capturing any type of content.

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