Yes you read right: Sony F3 4:4:4 kit camera going for a special price. Sony PMW-F3G444 promotional camera package kit lets you record MPEG 2 35Mbs through to uncompressed 1080P 4:4:4.

Sony PMW-F3G444 Camera

Sony PMW-F3G444 Details at a Glance:

1x PMW-F3L/RGB Camera head
1x Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4 Recorder with 2x 512Gb SD Memory Cards
1x Optitek CPL-i FZ to EF Lens Adapter
1x BCU-2 Battery Charger
1x BPU9UO Battery
1X LCF3KTH F3 Hard Case


Sony PMW-F3G444 Full Details:
Sony created this special Kit to create a high quality, cost effective HD Super 35mm large sensor shooting system. This package provides a comprehensive toolset that will allow the owner to tackle productions with the very cost efficient MPEG 2 35Mbs through to uncompressed 1080P 4:4:4. The package is an “out of the box” shooting solution. Just mount a lens and you are ready to shoot great looking HD.

The PMW-F3 was a breakthrough in cost performance. In this package, we increase the value with the inclusion of key accessories that vastly broaden the scope of applications for the camera system. It has a true Super 35mm image sensor designed from the ground up to create great moving pictures. You’ll get gorgeous images with a wide color gamut, low noise and high dyncamic range. The PL mount works directly with 35mm PL mount cinema lenses. In the PMW-F3G444 Kit, we’ve added an Optitec adapter to increase the range of applicable lenses to include the Canon EF series. The RGB output and S-LOG Gamma module, previously an option, are now standard equipment. The on-board XDCAM takes advantage of Sony’s well-established post workflow. However, we’ve also included the Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4 recorder in this package. The Gemini 444 offers several recording options that takes the PMW-F3 all the way to uncompressed RGB recording. This package has what it takes to tackle the most challenging of projects.

The PMW-F3G444 Kit is packaged with the following high quality and flexible shooting components:

1) The PMW-F3RGB is the foundation of this package and makes a tremendous image. The RGB output and S-LOG Gamma module are now standard equipment. The camera includes the power supply and battery

2) High quality recording is enabled by the inclusion of the Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4. The Gemini 4:4:4 comes complete with 2x (two) 512GB memory cards to allow long duration or high bit rate recording. The Gemini 4:4:4 is a professional, high-definition video recorder that is very compact. The Gemini 4:4:4 functions as a high-quality monitor, a recorder and a playback device. As a recorder, the Gemini 4:4:4 can record up to the HD highest quality possible—uncompressed which can easily be incorporated into many workflows

3) The Sony PMW-F3 camera is designed to accept a tremendous range of lenses. In this package, a Sony PL adapter is supplied. The supplied Sony PL mount features both the Arri LDS and Cooke “i” interface capability. To vastly increase the range of available lenses, we have also included an Optitek CPL-i EF mount adapter. The Optitek CPL-i EF Lens adapter provides Iris with a fine Aperture control in ¼ stop increments. Unlike DSLR based camera systems, the PMW-F3 doesn’t lock you into a particular lens mount or brand. The two adapters will allow interchangeable use of lenses from ZEISS, Arri,Cooke and many others.

4) The Kit is protected with the LCF3KTH Hard Case. It has compartments designed to perfectly the PMW-F3 and the Gemini 444. The LCF3KTH also allows “room to grow”. Make sure you fill up the remaining space with Sony gear!

The Sony PMW-F3G444 Kit is designed to to take advantage of a wonderful camera platform, a versatile recording system, a vast array of legacy lenses all at an affordable price.

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