Thomas Ozoux has shared his testing of the Sony F3 camera with S-Log Vs Cinestyle XDCamEX.

Here is a boring but enthusiast camera test,few days ago I had the opportunity to run some test with the F3 & S-LOG option at Sony offices in Paris.I was recording both on board (4:2:0 8b @ 35 Mb/s) and to HDCamSR HQ recorder (4:4:4 10b @ 880 Mb/s). It’s impossible to see the difference between 4:2:0 and 4:4:4 on vimeo (unless you do important color grading in DPX).
I did 4:4:4 tests a swell but i was surprised to see such an improvement in XDCamEX, that’s why I’m sharing this video.

As you need very good monitoring and color grading software to get benefit from SR recording, I’m showing here only XDCamEX footage.
I was not expecting such an improvement at 35Mb.
The colors in S-LOG look really amazing after applying a LUT and the latitude is getting really wide.
I was using Sony PL primes 35mm & 50mm T2,
I used a waveform to set the exposure to protect highlights (mostly f5.6 with ND1).
The low light test was shot at f2 with shutter off.
I converted the footage to Prores with Mpgstreamclip and did only primary color grading using Apple Color, no masking, no secondaries.
As I was using 5600k color setting, it was quite hard to fight against the green from the windows in the cinestyle footage, there was NO green at all in S-LOG.
I almost used different LUTs for each shot (basically a “primary in” setting) and then tried to grade the cinestyle footage to get as close as possible.
I hope Sony will soon give us tools to create and ingest home made LUTs to the camera in order to use it as “super Picture Profiles”.
Feel free to ask anything in the comments…

Special thanks to Agathe Dercourt (camera assistant/model) and Anna Doublet (Sony France)

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