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Japanese translated to English press release:


Sony IPC El Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Sony PCL), the determination of the introduction of Quantel Inc. “Pablo Rio 8K”, to start the service by around late August.
It also updated 4K corresponding each editing room, to build a production system that fulfill the 4K or higher resolution and aspect free video representation of. ■ Quantel Inc. “Pablo Rio 8K” the introduction of the  current “208 Pablo Rio 4K / 3D Editing Room” (hereinafter, 208 editing room), the subsequent update of November 2013, core in 4K post-production of Sony PCL as the presence, event, CM, program, etc., we have use our video production that utilizes 4K.  Was decided to introduce in the 208 editing room this time “Pablo Rio 8K”, the color grading of up to 8K / 60P ※ 1 is a system that supports, editing, and real-time preview. Therefore, 8K × 2K utilizing canvas of 8K, and editing and processing, such as 8K × 1K, not only makes it possible to watch and confirmed in real time, also improves efficiency of 4K video production.

sonypcl 8K

“208 Pablo Rio 4K / 3D Editing Room” (current)


■ 4K corresponding each editing room of the update
– “206 iQ Pablo 4K / 3D Editing Room” of the update
208 editing room to “Pablo Rio 8K” to introduce at the same time “206 iQ Pablo 4K / 3D Editing Room” and the “Pablo Rio 4K HFR We will update in “. This “Neo panel” by the color grading, real-time preview of 4K / 60P, and RAW data material of CineAlta Premium 4K camera “F65” / CineAlta 4K camera “PMW-F55”, it will grant the native response to XAVC material. – “301 Flame Editing Room” version up  current 4K synthesis and the like play an active part in the “301 Flame Editing Room” is directed to the real-time preview support of 4K / 60P, we upgraded the platform of Flame ※ 2 .


Sony PCL Masonry track record in large-scale video production and 4K video production, in 2009 the start of the 4K digital video library services, in 2014 we started the event creation service “4KVIEWING ®”. In addition, MA Room to enable the mixing of high-resolution audio ※ 3 , such as to build,
we have to explore a variety of video and audio representation.  And Sony PCL in the future, as well as explore the possibilities of video and audio representation, in the planning, production and technical capabilities that exceed customer expectations, your video production, will contribute to the promotion. ※ 1 “Neo panel” introduction plans. ※ 2 2015 late July correspondence schedule. ※ 3 “403 MA-2 Room”.

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