Mark Forman whipped up some gain tests on the Sony FS100 camera and the results are clean in the high end. Check out Mark’s tests and keep in mind the video files have been converted for uploading on Vimeo. Mark does explain that in his comments on his Vimeo page.
Andy Shipsides from Abelcine was busy too and cranked out some dynamic range and ISO tests on the Sony NEX FS100 as well.

Sony NEX-FS100 performs at +12dB and +18dB in a non-scientific test using only small LED lights (12×12 LitePad and a Zylight Z90) plus a couple of iPhones creating an assortment of colored effects.

1) Sony Zeiss 24-70mm Vario-Sonnar, wide open at f/2.8
2) tight shots are at 70mm
3) Picture Profile 5 in use throughout
4) lit portraits at beginning are 12 dB, 24 fps, 1/48 sec
5) crazy iPod stuff is 18 dB, 24fps, 1/24 sec

An additional note on the Vimeo conversion.
Some noise in the reds especially on the +18db samples.
The compression on Vimeo adds some noise and also adds 8bit issues in a large way compared to the original.

The conversion path was as follows:
Sony HD MPEG-4 AVCHD to Apple ProRes HD 4:2:2 HQ in FCP to Quicktime in the same ProRes format then conversion to H.264 8bit in Quicktime again for upload to Vimeo.

Head on over to Abelcine to see the FS100 Ratings and Dynamic Range tests they did with Sony NES FS100 and swing by Mark Forman’s Vimeo page to see his test video and the comments and the discussion on his results.

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