Sony has developed the “IMX183CQJ” 20.48M-Pixel High-Speed and High-Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor for Consumer Digital Still Cameras and Camcorders. The sensor is equipped with a maximum*1 pixel size of (2.4 µm-square unit pixel), a viewing angle size (Type 1) and number of pixels (approx. 20.48M pixels) as back-illuminated CMOS image sensor will further broaden the potential for ample visual expression including realization of high SN ratio and support for high-sensitivity lenses.
*1: As of April 2014.

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IMX183CQJ 4K Sensor

•Diagonal 15.86 mm (Type 1) approx. 20.48M effective pixels (5544H × 3694V)
•Pixel size: 2.4 µm square unit pixel
•Supports 20.48M-pixel imaging at approx. 22 frame/s
•Back-illuminated CMOS image sensor realizing high sensitivity, wide incident angle characteristics and low noise
•Provides 4K video mode (4096H × 2160V, 60 frame/s)

Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor with industry’s largest*2 (Type 1) and highest pixel counts (approx. 20.48M pixels)

The back-illuminated CMOS image sensor “Exmor R” technology that Sony developed first in the world in the camera market has now been improved. This advanced technology realizes a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with the industry’s largest optical size, pixel count, sensitivity and saturation signal level for consumer digital still cameras and camcorders.
*2: As of April 2014.

Improved Picture Quality

This new image sensor has 4 times the pixel size, approx. 4.4 times the sensitivity and approx. 3.0 times the saturation signal level of the existing Sony product, IMX147LQT (1.20 µm-square unit pixel, Type 1/2.3, approx. 20.68M effective pixels).
In addition, larger pixel size combined with optimization of light-collecting structure improve balance of both increased incident light angle sensitivity and reduced light leakage into neighboring pixels (color mixture) (see Figure 1), and increased incident light angle characteristics and higher sensitivity with a lower f-number over the existing Type 1/2.3 back-illuminated image sensors.
This makes it possible to support brighter lenses and larger-diameter lenses and improve compatibility with high-power zoom lenses with various chief ray angles. Thus, these characteristics ensure high picture quality from dark to bright areas. (See Photo 1)

A Variety of Readout Modes including 4K format

Sony’s unique high-speed readout technology has made it possible to realize a high frame rate of approx. 22 frame/s in still picture all-pixel scan drive mode regardless of high pixel counts of approx. 20.48M effective pixels.
In addition, the technology enables selection of high-definition still images or high-speed video imaging in various drive modes including high-resolution full HD at 60 frame/s (Mode 1), low power consumption full HD at 60 frame/s (Mode 7), high frame rate (Mode 4: 240 frame/s and Mode 6: 450 frame/s) that best suits the purpose. (See Table 3)
This sensor also supports the 4K format (approx. 9.03M pixels (approx. 17:9) at 60 frame/s), so it enables high-resolution video recording.

20.48M Pixels Sample Images

Sony IMX183CQJ Sensor

Sony IMX183CQJ 5K 25fps 4K 60fps CMOS Sensor

Sony 5K 25fps 4K 60fps CMOS Sensor

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