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Alphatron EVF FS7 CION Bracket on Sony FS7

Firmware Version 1.10 for the FS7 camera.

Ver. 1.1 brings improved sensitivity of the iris control, simplified Video Signal Monitor and LUT selection. It also adds [S-Gamut/S-Log2 Gamma] colour grading space to the Cine EI menu and associated LUT to the Video Out menu. Mode details in the attached documents.

Further builds will continue to add functionality and improve operability.

PXW-FS7 firmware Ver. 1.10 REV2 has the link to download the firmware.
PXW-FS7 _Update_Manual has detailed instruction

Juan Martinez Senior Product Manager, Sony

Sony PXW-FS7 firmware Ver. 1.10 REV2.pdf
Sony PXW-FS7_Update Manual_eng REV JM.pdf

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