A few videos are showing up with the Sony FS5 camera and apparent image issues when recording in some modes.

So see if you can spot the block… Wait blocks playing catch up which many are seeing.

FS5 Testing UHD internal from Olof Ekbergh on Vimeo.

Just did extensive testing on the FS5 trying to reproduce the problems some are seeing.

Here is a long boring video but if you are investigating this you may want to watch. You can download the original UHD file loaded to Vimeo but that is not the same as original it is compressed about ten fold. Contact me directly if you want the direct out of camera file or the simultaneously recorded Odyssey O7Q+ file I will provide those if you like.

This is only the internal UHD file, frankly I see almost no difference in the ProRes version from the 07Q+.

The profile I used is a new one I made, partly because I am having some issues with FCPX clipping above 100ire. So I used CINE2 in this test, I do state in the video it is CINE1 and that is wrong. Though CINE one is very similar it allows up to 109ire.

Anyway this shows iso 800,1600 and 3200 with some custom settings in my PP3

These settings are:
Gamma CINE2
Black Gamma: Middle -4
Sat: +4
Color: Cinema
Detail: -7

Everything else standard PP3 settings.

The interesting thing is the Odyssey file is the same on the scopes and noise vise there is very little difference. If you want to see the O7Q+ file contact me, the vimeo compression will delete any difference.

I am viewing this both on a TOL iMac and an Eval Monitor, not a TV the Eval monitor is a professional piece of equipment and it shows a very true picture and the video is fed by a SDI out from my UltraStudio for Thunderbolt.

Thanks to Olof Ekbergh for the two tests.

FS5 noise test from Olof Ekbergh on Vimeo.

Shot using Cine4 Gamma iso 3200 UHD factory settings for detail.

This is on a HD timeline, but I blow it up first 200% then 400%.

Interesting is that viewed on my iMac screen I see all kinds of strange aliasing etc, but on my eval monitor SDI out it is very clean. I think maybe the problem some are seeing is how they are viewing it. You need to see it on on a Pro evaluation monitor. On my MBP I get some strange aliasing as well but I think that is the GPU coping badly with the 100mb/s UHD Long GOP.

Or maybe I got lucky with my FS5. Bottom line is I am not seeing anything terrible. Remember this is 4X HD in other words it is like a HD stream at 25mb/s how good can it possible be, something has to give. And I think of iso 3200 as pretty high iso. EX1 and EX3 cams are only good to about 1600 before getting noisy and the is at 35mb/s.

This is with the kit lens, no image stabilize and all the way wide, slightly out of focus.

Lightmill ran tests for the Sony FS5 noise issue too.

Sony FS5 – UHD Blocky Noise Test (External Recording) from Lightmill on Vimeo.

The Sony FS5 has some ugly weirdness going on in UHD… Vertical motion on (even slightly) underexposed edges show blocky smearing and break-up. This happens when recording UHD (both internally and to an external recorder over HDMI) in any of the CINE profiles. It's even worse on out-of-focus areas.

It's not the XAVC codec because it shows up when recorded externally (this clip is recorded over HDMI to a PIX-E5H using ProRes422).

The problem does not show up in any of the LOG profiles (although there are other issues with dealing with LOG in an 8bit signal).

Sony FS5 Codec Issues :-( from Lightmill on Vimeo.

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