Lewis Farley has a play with the Sony FS5 camera and did a spot of 400fps testing.

Preston North End – A Sony FS5 400FPS Test from Lewis Farley on Vimeo.

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So, this was my first 'real world' test, I had previously used it a little in the house but hadn't tried anything that would give me an idea on the performance of Slog3. Whilst shooting in Preston I massively underestimated how overexposed I would need to shoot in order to get good results hence why the footage is horribly grainy in areas.

I managed to remove a fair chunk of the grain through grading but there's still a noticeable amount. This has nothing to do with the camera itself, just my misjudgment.

Shot in:
AVCHD, Slog3, 400fps.

Music by www.geraldbuckfield.com
Video: www.lewisfarley.com

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