In the black corner we have what many believe to be the absolute ugliest looking modern camera, the Sony NEX-FS100. Considering Bloggers unbelievably allegedly had input into the look of the FS100 camera, it’s no wonder people say slices of toast can pop out of it at breakfast time.


Now let’s look across at the other black corner where we have the Sony NEX-FS700 camera, the fatter beefier version of the FS100.


How much would you pay for these chunks of plastic, electronics, and misguided box designs? The answer is always going to be as much as someone is willing to pay for them.

But we thought let’s take it to the peoples forum on prices…. eBay, for the dollar sign litmus test.

How say eBay on the prices going for the super embarrassingly butt ugly FS100 and the FS700?

Looks like people are parting with the green around the two grand mark for the Sony FS100 camera. That is for Buy it Now prices, shipping extra.

The Sony FS700 can be yours for mid to high four thousand dollar mark to all the way up to just under 10K. Again that is the Buy it Now price, shipping extra.

Sony FS100 on eBay.

Sony FS700 on eBay.

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