Now that the sold out and discontinued signs are getting hung up on the Sony NEX FS100 camera, what will be the replacement model camera be called and what specs will it pack?

FS100 Discontinued

Sony FS100 BandH

The Sony FS100 camera model if you remember was scooped by Cinescopophilia about a week before everyone else. So of course we have some emotional attachement to the Super35 CMOS Sensor E-mount camera… for the name only.

FS4 FS150 FS200 FS300

If you also remember the FS100 bizarrely was co-designed by Bloggers. Sony surely have learned their lesson with that PR misfired stunt. The FS100 was an ugly camera that failed to fire in many parts of the world. Reportedly at one point they grabbed almost all of the European stock and flooded the Asian market with this toaster looking camera. How ugly? Well the FS100 really looked like someone from Epsom printers was involved with the making of that monstrosity.

Now please keep this little gem in mind, the Sony F3 which was the first camera to ever be called a Unicorn Camera is still for sale…

Yes still for sale, let that marinate for a little bit… 8bit.

Anyways the FS100 has been dropped like the dead donkey, and the next camera must now come into play against the Panasonic AG DVX200 4K camera.

So the Sony FS4, FS150, FS200, FS300 or whatever it will be called will have to have a 4K sticker slapped on it, RAW output etc and is surely must be coming soon.

Maybe at IBC for a new FS series camera?

Sony what say you? It’s your NEX move.

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