The Sony Japan website has released pricing and drop dates for the Sony F5 and F55 4K CineAlta cameras, the RAW AXS-R5 recorder, the PL lenses and the OLED “DVF-EL100” 7-inch ViewFinder, the “DVF-L350” 3.5-inch LCD ViewFinder, the “DVF-L700” 7-inch LCD monitor screen, plus the AXS memory card and other assorted gadgets. February drop dates for the F5 and F55 cameras. Also February for some of the other bits and pieces to make it go like a bought one.

Enjoy the screen grabs in case it’s a boo boo.

A quick Cross Rate gives the US Dollar amount and remember the Japanese price is normally some what higher, so expect a lot less than this. Also this is the sticker price:

Sony F55 Camera Price:

Sony F5 Camera Price:

Sony RAW recorder AXS-R5 Price:

Sony F55 Side View

Sony PL Lens Kits and other bits to make the F55 and F5 cameras go:

Check out the Sony Japan site for more information on the F5 and F55 cameras and other bits and pieces.

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