Jakob Brenk and crew tested the Sony a6500 camera out to look at the video AF quality at high fps.

sony a6500 AF tracking test for video at high fps from Jakob Brenk on Vimeo.

sony a6500 AF tracking test at high fps

120 fps 1080p slog-2 shutter at 125
lens: zeiss 55 f1.8 (at f1.8 and +crop) on a ronin m

the a6500 AF tracking worked very well (almost perfect), if u keep in mind that we are at f1.8
and the autofocus with the 55 ist not the best for video…

*btw we screwed this up a little, we will redo the test in a few days
with shutter at 240. but since the footgae looks ok (maybe a little dull) we will show the result anyway.

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