Dave Alter colour graded some Sony a6300 footage that is floating around to see if it would hold up.

Sony a6300 Color Grading Test from Dave Altizer on Vimeo.

I got this footage from the random a6300 footage that is floating around YouTube. I wanted to try to grade the footage and see how it handles. Was going for a more saturated and contrasty look rather than the washed out look that seems to be so common with the sony cameras. The 4k footage held up really nicely even though it was ripped off of YouTube! I am sure once I get my hands on a camera it will be even better.

Graded using Color Finale and Film Convert to add some texture.

The first few shots are 100fps in 1080p upscaled to UHD. The rest of the shots are in UHD. All the footage seemed to have been shot in SLOG.

Original ripped footage: https://www.youtube.com/user/74aleksas

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