Solid Camera have a rigging solution, a big solution for the Sony F5 and F55 cameras.

Solid Camera Sony PMW-F55:F5 Big Feature Kit

Watch on as Chris Marino explains the Solid Camera’s completely open and flexible platform, that allows you to configure your camera system any which way you choose.

With no tools required to adjust any component of the system, this means less time, and with more time saved, you can accomplish the shot you want instead of settling for what you have to work with.

The Solid Camera Big Feature kit lets you tackle any big show you can throw at it.

Included products in the Big Feature Kit:
-Top Plate with power
-Side Plate with power
-EVF protection
-Tall Handle
-EVF Kit (F55/F5 cradle)
-EVF Cradle support
-General Purpose cradle
-24v ScatterBox2
-Weaver clamp
-Slide Right
-15mm LWS Dovetail clamp
-15mm LWS Lateral clamp
-15mm Banana clamp

If you have any questions about the Big Feature Kit, then please hit up Solid Camera for more information.

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