Apples are apples and oranges are oranges, but EVF’s are their own fruit shop when it comes to quality, price and brand reputation.

In this what’s it worth secondhand instalment we have plucked the electronic viewfinder from the vine.

If you can’t afford or as it seems are like most of us and refuse to fork out your hard earned $3,100 up front and wait 4-6 weeks for an EVF from one of the USA gear makers, then here is a selection of EVF’s on eBay for you to consider.

Some of the EVF’s are new but the box has been opened. Price correct at time of print…

Alphatron Broadcast Electronics EVF-035W

SmallHD Small HD DP4 DP-4 Video Monitor with Extras = US $255.00

Zacuto EVF Z-Finder = US $299.00

SmallHD DP4 EVF – LCD HDMI Monitor, HDMI EVF with Canon Battery Bracket, = US $400.00

Zacuto EVF Pro – 3.2 inch Snap View Finder with 2 Batteries and HDMI Cables = US $400.00

Cineroid EVF 4 RVW RETINA Electronic Viewfinder CANON BLACKMAGIC CION Epic = US $510.00


Zacuto EVF Flip-Up & Z-Finder with battery charger and cheesestick = US $600.00

Zacuto EVF viewfinder & Z-Finder with 3 batteries = US $650.00

Zacuto Z-FINDER EVF PRO 3.2" High Resolution Viewfinder Monitor w/ Box = US $650.00

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro KIT – 3.2" screen – flip up – low hours = US $749.00

Cineroid EVF4 RVW RETINA Electronic Viewfinder EVF CANON BLACKMAGIC AJA CION = US $749.99

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro 3.2" High Resolution Monitor #Z-FIND-EVFP = US $750.00

Cineroid 4RVW Professional EVF Retina Display – HD-SDI and HDMI inputs = GBP 550.00 Approximately US $852.01

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro (3.2") Viewfinder Monitor HDMI DSLR Movie Filmmaking = US $949.94

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro (3.2") = US $950.00

Alphatron Broadcast Electronics EVF-035W-3G Electronic Viewfinder – READ! US $1,029.00


Just to mix things up…

Let us throw in brand new electronic viewfinders that may or may not be copies of the original brand name EVF’s

Pro Feelworld 3.5" LCD Monitor Electronic Viewfinder EVF for DSLR Rig Camera = US $218.99

Pro EVF 3.5" LCD Electronic View Finder HDMI EVF DSLR Rig 5D2 5D cameras Monitor = US $229.00

3.5" EVF Electronic Viewfinder TFT LCD Screen HDMI For DSLR Video Cameras 5D2 7D = US $246.04

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