Panasonic have given us a very quick sneak peek at what looks to be a modular 4k Varicam camera during their NAB press conference. The camera looks to sport 3 separate units which may be upgradeable with new technology from Panasonic like their AVC-Ultra codec.

The new AVC-ULTRA Codec family starts with the AVC-Intra100 and AVC-Intra50, and welcomes the new AVC-Intra444,*3 with its remarkable Full-HD 4:4:4 images and next-generation 4K x 2K resolution, and the AVC-LongG,*4 for highly efficient, Full-HD image production with excellent cost-performance. The AVC-Proxy also joins the family with advanced image quality made possible by H.264 compression, while operating at a low bit rate for Internet use.

*1: Upgrade scheduled for the future. Not all formats of AVC-ULTRA will be supported. AVC-ULTRA upgrade is not free and the cost will be charged to the customers. *2: Available as an option for the AJ-HPX2000 and AJ-HPX2100. *3: Under development. Release date undecided. *4: Models with AVC-LongG expandability scheduled for future release.

“The 4K Varicam with a small recording pack that harnesses AVC-Intra444 to its full potential, a modular form that optimizes field operability, and a sensor that faithfully reproduces a full 4K frame. We expect it to be welcomed in the world of 4K2K mastering.” Kunihiko Miyagi Director of Pro Video at Panasonic.

More pictures of the Panasonic AVC-ULTRA AVC-INTRA444 camera recorder:

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