Komodo Gear are dropping the Lokee an adaptable modular grip and cage combo for cameras raging from the GoPro, smart phone, BMPCC, right up to DSLR’s. It can even be used as a monitor cage.

Lokee Camera Grip and Cage

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After a long way of idea concepting, product prototyping, test and developing, prototyping again. We finally come here and announce Lokee release today. You can pre-order on our website. To raise enough fund for mass production, Lokee will be on kickstarter few days later. We are rushing for the kickstarter page now. Please follow us on facebook, instagram or subscribe on our website directly. We will let you know once we have any news.

Lokee Grip


Phones and Cameras advanced greatly in recent years. Many of those devices rival Hollywood quality cameras just from few years ago. Even though picture quality is so great, one thing hasn’t advanced much.

You still need to be able to film steady and comfortably, and typical shape and ergonomics have not changed much and make it difficult. It’s hard to film steady video with brick shaped devices. Without holding the camera comfortably, your video will suffer jerkiness, while your hands will get tired, and interesting angles or motions are impossible to achieve.

Lokee Kickstarter

With Lokee you can videotape quickly and easily. With improved ergonomics of small camera, new creative angles are possible. Lokee was designed to provide you with high quality feel and handling enhancements, while being small and lightweight. Lokee is also offered with additional accessories to further enhance its abilities and lets you step into professional filming area, even when only using a Smart Phone.

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