DitoGear are working on “Evolution” a new a multi-axis keyframe-based motion control system for all existing DitoGear. They are quickly moving out of beta phase with Evolution and onto a public release. Hardware-wise the Evolution Interface is already finished and only Firmware Updates are expected. DitoGear have dropped two teaser videos showing off some of the features, controls, and functions the Evolution possesses.

About the Teaser videos for the DitoGear Evolution:
The rig assembly shot has been created using a special multi-pass live action filming effect.
1. A motion control movement has been designed using keyframe-based interface including 3 axes: dolly, pan and tilt.
2. We have played back the movement multiple times in real time (NO timelapse or stop motion used this time) adding additional items to the rig being filmed.
3. All separate passes have been synchronized in post and edited in one seamless shot (no masking used, just cuts/crossfades between takes). We did the same for making of shot showing camera moving on the slider and OmniHead.
4. Voila!

In order to do this kind of special effects shot you need a 100% accurate and precise motion control system, so that all passes are identical and allow for seamless editing and just a bit of time.

To learn more about DitoGear Equipment and the Evolution system please go to the DitoGear website HERE.

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